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Your brows frame your face and give it structure, let me get them in shape. This includes measuring, trim, wax, and tweeze. We use the highest quality wax designed for sensitive skin.

The results can last up to 5 days on the skin and 3-4 weeks on the hair. The results may vary depending on client's hair and skin type.


  • Do not rub the brows

  • Do not get the brows wet for the first 24 hours

  • Do not use a sauna, steam room, and avoid exercise that causes sweat for 24 hours

  • Do not pick or pull your eyebrows

  • Do not apply make-up for at least 24 hours post-treatment

  • No self-tanning products should be used on the face for 48 hours after the treatment

  • Don't spend too long in direct sunlight as this will weaken the effect and fade the tint color.

  • Chlorine and certain skincare products will shorten the effects of brow lamination and tint color

Starting at $40

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