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Clean Towels are the first single-use and 100% USDA bio-based face towel. They were created to complete every skincare routine in the cleanest way possible, ensuring the skin is perfectly clean and untouched by bacteria and germs that can harbor on regular washroom towels. The Clean Towels are famed for their durability, ultra-soft texture, and leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and confident in your skincare. Interchangeable and versatile; they can be used in a multitude of different ways- wet or dry. Beyond drying your face, you can use them to remove makeup, to cleanse with, and much more.



  • Dermatologist tested and approved
  • Always have a clean towel for drying your face
  • Clinically shown to help individuals achieve visible clearer skin and less irritation 
  • Helps visibly reduce redness and dryness
  • Helps maintain a healthy skin barrier 
  • Multi-functional in your skincare routine and in your home


Opciones de precios
Compra única
Monthly Subscription
$10.00cada mes hasta que se cancele
Every 6 Weeks
$10.00cada 6 semanas hasta que se cancele
Every 8 Weeks
$10.00cada 8 semanas hasta que se cancele
  • A body towel, face towel, or bleached-white washcloth? Seems fine, right? See the problem is, whether you just washed your towel or it's been sitting in your bathroom for a few days- towels can harbor a lot of bacteria and build-up from dead skin, detergents, and makeup. Unfortunately even with the help of detergents and hot water, your washing machine may not eradicate these particles. This is why having a product like Clean Towels is so important. They are a powerful alternative that gives your skin the daily attention it deserves by avoiding the risks associated with re-using towels covered in bacteria. This is why the Clean Towels are Dermatologist Tested, Approved, and Recommended.

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